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Jewelry trends for 2020: What to look for in your next purchase

Jewelry trends 2020

2019 was an exciting year for jewelry, with mixed metals and mens jewelry making a huge splash on the scene. But 2020 is looking to be a year of interesting new styles and pushing the traditional norms of jewelry in fantastic new directions. Things like bright colors, mismatching sets and modern pearls are just a few things to start shopping for in 2020. Here are six trends you should look for in your jewelry purchases in 2020.

1. Geometrical Necklace layering

Geometrical necklace layering

It’s true that necklace layering turned out to be a big trend for 2019 but something new for 2020 is creating shapes with the layers. Mixing horizontal shapes with vertical shapes, or just layering different necklace styles to create unique shapes between the layers. This look is definitely more unique and adds some individuality to everyone who wears it.

2. Mismatched Earrings

Mismatched earrings

Earrings are sold in pairs but for 2020 you don’t need to wear them that way. Many designers are thinking outside the box and mismatching different pairs of earrings, or even just showing one earring at a time (maybe the single life really is more fun).



Although lariats have been around for a while many designers in 2020 are giving them a new twist. Adjustable Lariat necklaces don’t have a length requirement but for the year ahead it looks like the longer the better. Sleek and sexy these necklaces add a subtle elegance to any outfit.

4. Pearls


Pearls are going strong in 2020. From delicate layered pearl necklaces, wide chokers, earrings and even headpieces, pearls will be seen a lot in the coming year. This new wave of pearl jewelry is sleek and modern so put aside any notion that pearls are just for a certain age group.

5. Colorful jewelry

Colorful Jewelry

Many designers have gotten playful with their designs and mixing beautiful colored stones with metals looks to be very popular in the new year. If you love personalized jewelry this look will be great for you as birthstone charm bracelets fits perfectly with this trend. Plus, adding splashes of color to a simple look through jewelry is a great way to add some fun to your outfit.

6. Couples Jewelry

Couples Jewelry

Taking the 2019 trend of Men’s jewelry one step further is couples jewelry for 2020. What a fun and stylish way to stay connected with your partner. Things like personalized rings with messages or names, matching necklaces and customized couples bracelets are looking to be a dominant new style of jewelry in the year ahead.

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