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Being a working mom with small children can be stressful at times, even a bit chaotic. There are days when I feel like I'm trying to manage a small universe that is my family. Work, play dates, after school programs, school projects, plus trying to find alone time with my husband can sometimes feel impossible.

But then I somehow manage to find my center and the chaotic universe circling around me slowly turns calm. I see all the members of my family circling around me in their own spaces. Each one living their own best life yet all are connected to me as I am the central force guiding the family along with all the day to day activities that make up our busy lives.

Whenever I wear my Rings of Love I look at each stone representing my children, my husband and me. I am reminded of all the amazing love I have in my life and ,even on the hard days, all the joy I have in being a mother.

Brithstone Rings of Love, available in sterling silver, 10K gold and gold plating.

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